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I'm a natural healing counselor and a writer, a vegetarian and animal lover. I write short stories for children and adults, poems and articles about vegetarianism, nutrition, natural healing, and spiritual matters.

I became a vegetarian about twenty years ago for ethical reasons, but I soon realized that it was also wonderful for my spiritual and physical health. This realization led me to study herbalism, nutrition, natural hygiene, massage therapy, and a wide variation of natural healing techniques. Now I work as a counselor helping others to keep or regain health. I strongly believe in a holistic approach to medicine, in a natural lifestyle, the importance of vegetarianism and the need for organic agriculture.

After I discovered a better way of eating and a natural way of healing for humans, I began learning to apply these methods to animals, which I highly recommend to everybody.

I am partially blind, and I have the honor to share my life with Annie, my Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, Seeing Eye Dog. She helps me to recover my independence and freedom, and is a constant source of joy and love in my life.

As I don't see enough to read the screen, I can use my computer thanks to a screen reader program that reads it to me. I type and give keyboard commands instead of using the mouse. I became so fond and attached of my pc, that I can't imagine living without it. To read books and to have full access to information has always been a tremendous challenge because not everything is in Braille or audio. However, now, being able to read electronically, the door to information is open for me as well as for thousand of people who can't read regular print.

I speak Esperanto, the international language, created by Ludoviko Zamenhof, who dreamed about an universal brotherhood, joined by an easy, neutral, common language, not as a replacement of any national language at all, but as an additional, secondary idiom to improve human communication.

Esperanto tends to unify the world overcoming differences of colors, races, nationalities, religions and so on, giving a holistic view of the universe, where we all are members of the humankind, no matter the appearances. So Esperanto is much more than an easy language to learn, is a hope of friendship, tolerance, peace, understanding, cooperation, goodwill and love among all peoples of the world.

I do volunteer work dedicating time and energy to protect, defend and give out information about human rights, natural healing methods, democracy, animal rights, organic food, conservation and cleaning of the environment, and related issues.

I practice prayer and meditation daily. I consider that to be in touch with God and with my inner self is essential for walking in the right direction, guided by Divine Wisdom.

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